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"You're just on and popping out and about."Astrid continued, "Even though you have like these great friends that are inviting you to go out and to do all these things, also find people that motivate you to focus on your work."To her credit, it seemed like Astrid was actually coming from a place of concern—her timing just sucked."Sitting in a hot tub on my birthday when I'm just trying to make it for real, this ain't the time," Darnell said.Meanwhile, Astrid had also sparked a connection with baseball player Michael Crouse, thanks in part to Kayla Cox's matchmaking skills.September 2014 Amazon launches Kindle Unlimited — a Netflix-for-books — in the UK Amazon is launching its Kindle Unlimited ebooks subscription service in the UK, following its US debut in July. The service, which costs Ј7.99 a month, offers unlimited access to a catalogue of more than 650,000 ebooks, as well as more than 2,000 audiobooks from Amazon’s Audible subsidiary…Amazon says that authors will be paid each time someone reads more than 10% of one of their books through the new service…. Hypertext blogger Steve Johnson, paraphrasing Jane Austen RECENT NEWS Since April last year, we’ve been doing something new with news. Instead of offering a limited set of our own reports for your information and reading pleasure, we’re presenting a larger number of news lead-ins sourced from all around the globe.

But that expansion is also creating a handful of challenges for those who use such tools, and quality assurance methods will need to adapt to keep pace… Orange Digit is one Korean startup getting into the interactive e Book space in a big way. Now all Amazon has to do is convince someone that any e-reader, even one as lovely as the Voyage, is worth 0.


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